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A New Cost-effective Efficient Anti-theft Solution For Sharing Rentle Bikes Stolen&Vandalism Issue

Telease time:2022-03-11

  There are hundreds of new bike sharing company being set up in recent years due to the huge potential and demand on green&healthy lifestyle. According to official survey, this market has a growth rate of over 14% especially in EU market. But only few players who can lead more stable business operation and get faster investment will eventually survive and win the competition. It has been proven for many times in the development of an emerging industry.

   According to the survey, the rise in bike vandalism & theft are becoming the top factor that hinder the market share growth of bike sharing companies. Most bike stolen starts from wheel stolen as this is the fastest and easiest way to steal unwatched bikes.
  But how to avoid this and protect our bikes from being stolen so as to lead sustainable business? At the beginning of its business running, Donkey Republic had also faced the problem and they found us for the solution. We all agreed to develop an anti-theft nut for the axle hub to replace traditional nuts. After many times examination and testing, we developed the unique four hole security/anti-theft nuts. It has four uneven spaced holes on the top and only special made key can be used to install/uninstall it to the wheel hubs. Furthermore, the hole configuration can be changed for different markets or customers to make they are unique in every region. With the help of this high security bike anti-theft nut, their bike stolen rate has been tremendously put down and are now spreading its business to many more EU countries/markets as Romania, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark etc.  
  Other successful cases by Peak Fasten include Dance in Germany, Lekuma In Taiwan, Mobike in China etc due to this cost-saving and effective solution. Most bike sharing company are experienceing the trouble by bike stolen&vandalism issue. And more and more are trying to protect their bike wheels with Peak Fasten four hole security nuts

   There are also some security bolts for choice with different anti-theft heads for choice. They can replace the fasteners in the bikes to protect different parts of the bikes or scooters. For more information, please feel free to contact

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