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About Us

  Established in 2001 by Robert Chan, Peak Fasten Technologies Co., Ltd is the leading fasteners supplier in China.
  Our constant evolution has included revolutionary products such as Ring-Grooved Lockbolt  (2003), landmark clients like the Channel Products (2004) and recognition by the ISO 9000 (2008). During the past five years, PFT has expanded its worldwide presence by opening two domestic branches and cooperating with numerous global brands&manufacturers.
  Throughout our history we have had one goal: to make Peak Fasten Tech synonymous with the best quality, service and innovation. PFT products are available for every industry: automotive, energy, electronics, construction, aerospace, bicycle etc.

Notable Moments in Our History

2001   PFT first facility with 2000 square meters founded in Huizhou, China.

2003   Our Featured items: Ring-Grooved Lockbolt put into the market and are widely recognized.

2005   PFT set up the second facility in Zhejiang to enhance the capability and fulfill product line .

2007    PFT moves its manufacturing headquarters to Dongguan, Guangdong province.

2008    Quality team has been separated out as QC Department and Obtained certificate ISO 9001- 2008.

2010    On its 10th anniversary, PFT introduces P-Lock, a special anti-theft nut with high security.

2012   PTF set up its global headquarters in ShenZhen, Guangdong Province

2015   An entire threaded fasteners supply system formed with 2 manufacturing centers and over 60 strategic partners in the industry.